06 September 2014

North Miami High School, Deceased Alumni

The link, below, leads one to a listing of, among other things, my high school classmates who have passed away. I only discovered this because I'm on the reunion committee and we're trying to find lost classmates and to determine those who have died. The link is: I am adding as a JPG the listing of my own school and class year: 1969, North Miami High School in North Miami,Florida. Should anyone know of others who have died and belong on this list, by all means get in touch with me or add it to the list yourself. We had a graduating class of about 1,100 and we didn't know everyone by name, but I've already spotted some classmates that I did know and never got to see again. [For those interested in checking on their own high school classmates, this site covers any high school information that is entered onto the site. The link just happens to be to my own high school.]


  1. Sorry you'll have to enlarge the list to be able to read it. I was unable to make it any larger.

    1. PS: Click on the image for a larger view.

  2. My high school sweetheart is not on this list. We kept in touch over the years, but only a few years ago did I find out that she had died. Her name was Margret E. Munzer 24 Jan. 1950 to 28 May 1999. I have tried, but cannot find an obituary for her or any other documentation about her death. Her old friends and I are deeply saddened by this loss.


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