19 August 2014

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In recent months, I've been listing some of my Leather Goods for sale on I then added some vintage items ( prior to 1995 ) and then even more in the form of dozens of old LPs of various types. I have perhaps hundreds of these old LPs obtained from a neighbor. Many were his mother's and date back to the 1950s. I even added some wooden boomerangs that I'd made, some years ago. Etsy, for those who do not already know, is set up for people to sell handmade items and/or vintage items. Anyone with items you've made or with vintage items you'd like to sell, this is a good place to do it. For those who might be interested, my shop on is entitled "ArnoldsLeatherGoods".

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  1. An old friend of mine, dating back to our elementary school and Cub Scout days, is a professional musician and I've offered him first crack at all of the LPs that I've listed on Etsy and many more that I have not yet posted. It'll be good to see him again after about 52 years and I hope he finds good use for the LPs that he chooses.


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