13 August 2014

Newly Created Leather Items

I've just added a number of watch bands and bracelets to my shop.  The latest are made of stingray skin:

This first one is a stingray spine inlaid into an antiqued silver-plated bar concho with stingray skin as the band:

This next one is similar, but with a cowhide band:

Finally, we have a watch band made of stingray skin.  I will only attach the second loop once a buyer tells me the distance between his watch's mounting pins:

Stingray skin surface is very hard and pebbly and difficult to cut, even with a rotary blade.   To use it as either a bracelet or a watch band, I must line it with some thin cowhide.  The stingray spine, as shown in the first two photos, is apparently the only portion of a stingray that is cartilage.   I'll add a photo of one of the skins, here, to illustrate that:

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