14 August 2014

Animals Left Unattended in Cars

A few days ago, I saw a news video of a dog hunkering down below the dashboard in a vain attempt to escape the heat that was near to killing him.  I thought that it would be quite appropriate if all parking lots, especially those of the larger businesses, would post signs such as, "The local police have the authority and the will to break into any unattended vehicle in which an animal is obviously in distress."

There's undoubtedly a shorter way of saying the same thing on a sign, but that's the gist of it.  Such signs could not be posted unless it was, in fact, determined to be legal and the police were encouraged to watch out for such violations of the law, not to mention compassion for a helpless animal.

I have since heard from a friend that a similar sign was posted in some big box store's parking lot and it included, obviously, children also left in a stiflingly hot car.

I am considering starting a petition to my county commission to allow the police this latitude and to encourage businesses to post such signs.  It might also be helpful to make such violations a felony, whether child or animal left in such dangerous conditions.  I simply have to compose the right language and I also have to consider whether to make my petition for local or state legislators.

Perhaps state legislators would be best.  Each municipality would have to come up with their own protocols for the police to follow.  Also, if I design my petition for my state (Florida) legislators, viewers in other states could easily emulate the petition for their own law makers.

I believe I'll get in touch with  some of my political friends to see what they think and I'll let everyone know the outcome.

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