17 May 2014


One would be proud to own any of these tree houses, whether as a  primary residence or a vacation get-away:

 Issaquah, WA
 Unknown Location, Exterior
 Same Unknown Location, Interior
 Witch House in Ibiza, Spain
 Seattle, WA
 San Antonio, TX
 Another in San Antonio, TX
 Annapolis, MD
 Upstate NY, Exterior
 Upstate NY, Interior
Washington, D.C., area


The following is a small selection of photographs of very early Miami, Florida.  I have hundreds on a Facebook page, so I picked just a few to illustrate just how primitive Miami was up to 100 years ago.

Florida East Coast Train Arriving in Miami - 22 April 1896
Miami Railway Station - 1895 - Located where the old Miami News Tower, now referred to as the Freedom Tower, was later built.
Miami Furniture Store, Miami's first, owned by Edwin Nelson - 1897


Downtown Miami in 1903
Florida East Coast Railroad in Downtown Miami - 1905
Avenue C and the Fort Dallas Hotel

Avenue B looking North 1910-20 - The Halcyon Hotel, in the distance to the left, was demolished in 1938.
Businesses on Avenue D, later to be known as Miami Avenue
Royal Palm Hotel - 1900
Original Dade County Courthouse - 19___
New Courthouse - ca. 1904
Everglades Observation Tower, aka the Car Dale Tower - early 1900s
Florida Militia on Flagler Street - 1910
Sutzner's Gem Shop, one of the first, if not the first, jewelry stores in Miami - 1890s or early 1900s
Victory Loan Parade - 1919
Downtown Miami - 1925 - Enlarged, you may view a luggage store, the Rex Cigar Store, the Miami College of Dancing, the Townley Bldg., Fitch and Shipp, the Man's Shop, the Ralston Bldg., the Cortez Hotel
Florida Power and Light Ice Plant - 1926

Florida Power and Light Ice Plant and Horse-drawn Ice Wagon - 1927 - Note the telephone number.
McCrory Hotel - 1926

Miami Avenue looking north - 1925
Halcyon Hotel newly built in 1925 - demolished in 1938
Miami High School (not the first structure) - 1926 - before its move to its present location in 1928
View of Downtown Miami looking west from the Alcazar Hotel - 1926
Shriners Parade turning onto Flagler Street from Biscayne Blvd. - 1928

 Downtown Miami - 1933
 View down 1st Avenue - 1931

Miami Woman's Club - 1940
There are over 100 photo albums on my Facebook page, Old Miami/Dade County, with easily more than a thousand photos with the best descriptive captions I can locate.  You're welcome to view it.  I've even got a Maps album, one of which shows Flagler Street with part of it being paved with wood, not to mention the wooden sidewalks.
So many of Miami's iconic, beautiful and interesting buildings from its early days have been demolished to make way for boxy, uninteresting buildings.  Much of what I knew as a child is long gone.