05 December 2013

A few Photographs of Florida Institute of Technology as We More or Less Knew It

I am so addle-minded that I forgot that I'd already posted these photos, but I'll leave both here, anyway, because at least my comments are different, with perhaps a little more explanation, this time.

These photos were taken on the 25th and 26th of October 2013, during Homecoming Week and a bit before and after our 40th Reunion, in which we, the BSEE class of '73, invited those from the years "71, '72, '74 and '75 to join us.  Unfortunately, a new alumni office director had the alumni directory purged of all information and I no longer had any starting point in finding those other than my own classmates; even with outdated information, it gave me a start in finding my classmates, six and seven years ago.

This first one is dusk over the campus we knew; i.e., not much changed.  It was taken from the 7th floor of the Science Tower, the penthouse, in which we had our reunion/get-together.

Photo by Martin Carberry
                                                     26 October 2013
This is the Science Tower from the south, rear.  The structure on top is what contains the penthouse/boardroom in which we had our reunion.  The photo above was obviously taken from the other side, from the northern side.
Photo by Martin Carberry
                                                     24 October 2013
This is Campbell Hall where I lived for four years.  It was open back then and did not have the electronic touchpads or steel doors at the time.  I lived in a Center Room on the  second floor landing, which had a private bath and a door adjoining the next Center Room, so we usually had a four man, two bath apartment.  Since I was guaranteed the room, each year, I always had others clamoring to be my roommate for the next school year.  I did not always make the best choice, but we all usually had a good time, regardless.
A not terribly good photo of Gleason Auditorium where classes were conducted and we viewed films on Saturday evenings and rolled our beer cans down the slope to the front.  We got away with quite a lot back then.
The following two photos are of the inside of the old classroom quad for Freshmen and Sophomores.

These next three photos were taken after I was the only one left on the 7th Floor of the Science Tower.  Not terribly good photographs and they were taken at night, but what the heck:  The first two are downward photos of the walkway leading up to the Science Tower.  The next one is a more distant shot of the lights of the campus we knew, the dorms in the distance.


These next two photos are of the Classroom Quad, but from the outside, a view from the South.  The Science Tower is behind me and the Dorms are far beyond, as is the Student Union Building and the Swamp, which they now call their Botanical Garden.  Quite a lot went on in the  Swamp at nights.

One last photo, this one a statue of our Founding President Jerome Keuper, who started the school as the Brevard Engineering College in 1958 and his first contribution to the effort was $0.38.
I wandered the campus alone after the reunion and came upon this statue.  In the dark, it looked as though he was wearing an entire suit of leather, but it looks much better in the daylight, including his trademark bow tie.
Except where noted otherwise, the photos were taken by me.  The nighttime photos were taken on the 25th of October 2013, after everyone left, and the daytime photos on the 26th.
I was not much interested in photos from the south of the Science Tower.  They are all new buildings and the old gym (where, besides basketball games, we had rock concerts by well-known bands of the time) had been torn down and it just wasn't the campus we knew.  To me, it's too big, now, but I doubt that the growth will slow down, anytime soon.

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