29 November 2013

2013 Electrical Engineering Reunion At FIT

Professor Emeritus Andrew Revay, Martin Carberry
Andy Revay and Dick Unger

Andy Revay, Janet and Professor Emeritus Robert Kemerait

Andy Revay, Mary Ellen and Andy St. Pierre

Dr. Andrew Revay

Ben Arnold, Raymond Futrell

Gary Rohlke, with Brent Doyle, Scip DeKanter and Raymond Futrell in the background.

Ben Arnold, Minerva and Manuel Figueroa, PhD EE

Ben Arnold, Raymond Futrell, Professor Emeritus Harry Weber

Bob Kemerait
Brent Doyle, Scip DeKenter, Raymond Futrell

Brent Doyle, Tom Gutierrez, Gary Rohlke

Carmen Alvarez, Professor John Hadjilogiou "Dr.Hadj."

Carmen Alvarez, Minerva Figueroa, Harry Weber

Dick Unger

Dick Unger, Raymond Futrell, Scip DeKanter, Harry Weber

Andy Revay, Martin Carberry
Bob Kemerait

Gary Rohlke

Gary Rohlke, Brent Doyle, Tom Gutierrez


Gary Rohlke followed by Dick Unger

Gary Rohlke and John Hadjilogiou

Janet Kemerait, Mary Ellen and Andy St. Pierre
Janet Kemerait, Harry Weber, Bob Kemerait

Drs. Hadj. and Revay

Manuel and Minerva Figueroa, Martin Carberry

Manuel Figueroa, Martin Carberry

Manuel and Minerva Figueroa, Drs. Hadj and Revay

Marjorie Beckett of the Alumni Office

Marjorie Beckett of the Alumni Office

Martin Carberry, John Hadj., Scip DeKanter

Minerva and Manuel Figueroa

Raymond Futrell, Scip DeKanter, Harry Weber, Dick Unger

Scip DeKanter, Raymond Futrell, Dr. Hadj., Manuel Figueroa

Scip DeKanter

Tom Gutierrez, Brent Doyle 

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