29 November 2013

2013 EE Reunion - Views of Campus As We Knew It

Our reunion was held in the penthouse of the Science Tower, in which the Electrical Engineering Dept. was once located on a single floor.  I've already posted photos of the attendees, both graduates and professors from the 1971 through to 1975 era, plus a few graduates from other years, including our 1st PhD EE.  There were so many photos that I did not even attempt to identify them.

In this post, I'm going to include some photographs of the campus, at least the part we remember.  All the many new buildings are to the south of the Science Tower, but our old campus was to the north.  Except for the Science Tower, all the photos were taken on  26 October 2013.

The Science Tower, northern view of the rear of the building.  The structure at the top contains the penthouse/boardroom in which we had our reunion.  The EE Dept. was on the sixth floor:
 Campbell Hall, in which I lived in a 2nd floor center room, with its own bathroom and an adjoining door to the next center room should we wish to have a four man, two bath apartment.  I lived in that room for four years.  The dorm was open in front and did not have the electronic doors as it now does.  All the tall pines in the center of the quad of dorms blew down during a hurricane.

The following comic is exactly how I feel when I try to manufacture a smile for a camera.  As a result, there are only two or three photos posted in which I can be found in the earlier post and I'm not much inclined to identify myself..
This next photo is of the campus - again, as we knew it - to the north of the Science Tower and taken at dusk from the penthouse on the evening of our reunion.

After everyone left, I took a few poor nighttime photos to the north and only the lights can be seen.   I took a  few downward towards the sidewalk leading to the Science Tower and one a bit farther out.

On the next day, I took some photos of the old campus undergrad classrooms, both inside and outside the quad of buildings, a photo of our founding president, Jerome Keuper, and a photo of the auditorium we once used for a number of purposes.
Gleason Auditorium
Inside the quad of classes:

Outside the quad of classes:

Statute of Jerome Keuper:

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