21 September 2013

We Are, In Fact, Monkeys

Superstitious people,  thinking-they're-superior types, are somehow afraid to be classified with what they consider as animals. When did humans cease being animals, as well? Why are people so afraid of evolution, something that took millions of years to occur and is, in fact, still occurring?  Most will  readily accept that viruses mutate routinely, which is why we must get a different flu shot every year, but some cannot accept that every other creature also evolves in an ongoing manner, with no ending to it. Evolution will either kill off a species or make it stronger. Which will we experience? Monkeys, dolphins, pigs and even the lowly (so to speak) ant are all sentient creatures to some degree.

Because someone in "authority" said, many thousands of years ago - in what language I dare not surmise - that we were "made" in the image of a god, the masses chose to take that as meaning that we are above all other creatures. The same ideology also said we had dominion over them, but, if I recall correctly, we were supposed to be their protectors, as well, which part we seem to have forgotten., since we regularly kill each other and most any other creature for sport, for spite, for profit and because  better-than-thou types are simply sadists. 

I've never once disagreed with the idea that we descended from a more primitive simian, which in turn descended from a still more primitive simian and so on...

Anthropologists have not yet determined from whence came the first simians, but I have no intention of going into conniptions if and when they determine that  we descended from a mass of cells that look vaguely like a small, four-legged, hairy creature of some type;  or, even earlier, a jellyfish-looking creature just developing legs out of its tentacles.

Evolution is happening; it's a fact and is noting to be afraid of unless we, ourselves, cause our own demise through our own collective stupidity.

To end this tirade, let me point out that AIDS and other viruses mutate, as well as any other organism.  For now, it's spread through the sharing of  bodily fluids.  What will happen to our overpopulated humanity if it evolves into an airborne virus? 

Think about it.

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