27 August 2013

Nature Deprivation Linked to Allergies and Asthma

I've been saying this for years; it's only common sense, since we know  that vaccinations are meant to have exactly the same effect on  one's body, that of creating an immunity to viruses, bacteria, poisonous plants, et cetera.

Children will outgrow their childhood allergies much of the time, but I understand that adults acquiring an allergy will never "outgrow" it.

I would have written my own treatise on this subject, but this article was sufficient for my purposes.

Many are aware that women's first children are treated with kid (no pun intended) gloves; whereas they've learned by experience and their subsequent children are not.

I've seen women with a first child refuse to let Daddy teach the kid how to  drink  from a water hose.  For decades, we've done just that and I do not know of a single child or adult who has died as a result.

I've seen a woman with two or three children at a T-ball game, one an infant, drop the child's bottle in the dirt.  She picked it up, wiped it off perfunctorily and stuck it right back in the child's mouth.

We've become so incredibly germ conscious - and phobic - that we're becoming less immune to those self-same germs.  We've even used penicillin in ourselves and our farm animals that we're now creating super bugs that are - guess what - immune to our antibiotics.  We're slowly, as a people, becoming aware that we're often our own worst enemies.

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