26 June 2013


Should anyone care to view my personal Facebook page, it has evolved, over the months, to become primarily about animal abuse and welfare issues, not only in this country, but worldwide.

If the torture and other inhumane treatments of animals of any kind upsets you, do something about it; if nothing else, sign every petition and letter that comes your way; they do make a difference when the authorities receive thousands of names from outraged citizens or even enraged foreigners.

My Facebook page is:

I may post some photos  & links, later, to show some of the horrors we inflict on animals, often the most gentle of creatures, both before and after photos of their rescue from puppy mills and the Asian dog and cat meat festivals and the Japanese luring and slaughtering of dolphins and whales near the shoreline, which they call tradition and which we call appalling.  And those are just a few examples of what  I've seen and read about.

Were I to witness any of these things in person and be armed, even if only with a stick, I guarantee you that I'd be in jail or worse unless I had a particularly sympathetic judge or jury or even police department (except that trigger-happy cops are among the worst offenders/cowards who shoot friendly family dogs because they're exhibiting "aggressive" behavior.)

I will not post the most horrid of photos, however.  I wouldn't put you through that.

 There are perhaps dozens of animal rescue groups throughout the U.S. and perhaps hundreds more (sometimes single persons) worldwide who are in desperate need of help (mainly in the form of funds for animal food and bedding, fences, cages, carriers and such) while they attempt to rescue dogs and cats on their way to the Asian meat markets, puppy mills (from whence your purchased puppy - probably diseased - is obtained), et cetera. 

Killers of domestic pets have been demonstrated to be, then or in later years, wife beaters and/or child molesters.  They need to be stopped before the first kitten is crushed or the first dog is beaten or starved to death.  People who move and just leave their animals, locked up, to starve to death deserve the maximum penalties afforded by law (The same treatment would be my preference.) and most states' laws are not strict enough with these sadists; too many slaps on the wrists, especially when it involves a bad cop.

Join or otherwise support  the various rescue groups, whether local or in Romania, China, Africa, Australia or anywhere else.  They are all fighting the good fight to protect both wild and domestic creatures from the harm caused by, basically, our own human overpopulation.

Again, you're all welcome to view my Facebook page to read about just a fraction of these horrors and maybe you'll be inclined to help the rescue groups or, at the very least, be aware of the situation and be able to do something about it, should you see abuse occurring.  (A dog chained outside with no shelter or water is a simple, yet prime example of abuse.)

If you wish to obtain a nice dog or cat, whether young or older, obtain one from a rescue group or a non-kill shelter (too many shelters just kill the animals after a few days, with no real effort at finding their human caregivers, and often in inhumane, sometimes horrible manners.)  You'll be saving a life and getting a lifelong, loyal friend (yes, even cats are loyal).  Some people actually prefer the older animals, so you needn't limit yourself to puppies and kittens. 

One more thing before I put you to sleep:  We need to actively do away with all kill-shelters, with the sole exception of animals that are beyond saving and are suffering.  Adoptable pets should never be killed because they don't move into a loving home fast enough or because the shelter is overcrowded.  We need to pretend we're a civilized society which cares for those who cannot speak for themselves and we need to spread this philosophy far and wide; worldwide, in fact.

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I have barely touched upon all the poaching going on, especially in Africa, for the magical elixirs made of elephant tusks and rhino's horns.  There are laws against the poaching and the sale and possession of such items as these and bear bile (which is extracted from live bears) and fois gras (a result of extreme force-feeding of ducks and geese before they're killed for their livers) and the 75 geese whose feathers are plucked while they're alive to supply feather pillows.  There are rangers hired to seek out poachers, but the rangers are often killed by better armed poachers who have no morals whatsoever for human or animal life.  This, perhaps, should be kept for another blog post, however.

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