26 June 2013

A Few Brief Political Statements

On the 15th of March 2012, the Miami Herald and a number of other cowardly newspapers refused to print this Doonesbury strip.  I made sure to find and keep it for fairly obvious reasons;

Doonesbury, to me, since college days, has been not only funny, but political satire and mostly politically correct.  Over the decades, I've missed very few of them, even when the newspapers wimp out.

This one Doonesbury strip is just one example of politicians - mostly lawyers by trade - having decided that they know more than the scientific community.  They now think they are more knowledgeable than the medical community, as well,.  Much of the time, their decisions are religion-based, which should be - if it isn't already - against the intent of the Constitution which they swore to uphold.

This next illustration is to show just how useful the hemp plant could have been to the United States over the many decades, far more than the obvious recreational uses.  Certain elements - political, industrial, religious - have been against any use of any version of the hemp plant, even though some have virtually no use recreationally.  Even as more uses for the plant became known and proof was found that even the recreational variety was less of a threat to individuals and society as a whole than was alcohol, they stuck to their guns (so to speak) and refused to admit that they had wasted billions of dollars and lives on their so-called War On Drugs.

Of course, "they" also failed to realize that they could have made all types of hemp available and regulated and taxed its sale and made billions of dollars, if not trillions, by admitting their bias against a plant and its uses that they did not understand.

Here is a chart which shows the many uses of hemp, including its medicinal and recreational uses, but there are so many more:

BTW, in recent years, I've been told that the buds are the only part of the plant that are useful for the recreational aspect, but I'm a child of the sixties and early seventies and know that the leaves, while perhaps not as potent as the buds, were, at the time, the main part that was used for that purpose, perhaps mixed with buds, but still part of the nickel bags we bought, which were once $5 and now cost hundreds for the same amount only because of our politicians and their refusal to admit their monstrous mistakes and their failure in their war on drugs (Having placed all varieties of hemp in the same legal category as opiates and other, more potent drugs.)
Our government, by prohibiting the planting, harvesting, sale and use of any type of hemp has ruined many lives besides costing the taxpayers billions of dollars over the years and without any sound, scientific basis for their actions.  The fools even made a film about the horrors of using Mary Jane (I can't think of the name, offhand) was, to us, hilarious back then and is even more so today.

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