07 May 2013

End Ecocide in Europe

I don't often post  political issues, here or on Facebook, but when it comes to the environment and animal welfare and abuse issues, I'm perfectly happy to make an exception.  This particular petition is, unfortunately, limited to those who are residents of the European Union, so I'm hoping this blog will be read and spread far and wide and reach many of said EU citizens who will take it upon themselves to get involved at least as far as signing their petition.  I do not know if the links will work from this Blog, but the links can be Copied and Pasted to a new window, obviously.

Here is an excerpt from a letter sent to me by The Ocean River Institute:

This campaign just reposted this pledge

“This European Citizens’ Initiative for the environment needs signatures to meet the legal requirement for consideration by the European Parliament. If they achieve this, Parliament will be legally bound to consider creating a law to end the many ecocidal activities, including human and animal rights crimes. This is the first step in their worldwide initiative to create a fifth Crime Against Peace at the United Nations called Ecocide.” — Harper Dangler (campaign founder)

End Ecocide in Europe

Posted by Mike Ferrigan (campaign leader of End Ecocide)

It starts with you

Take The Pledge
Environmental destruction must become a crime. A crime for which individuals and companies can be held responsible. That crime has a name: Ecocide.
In order to sign the European Citizens' Initiative (ECI), could you please click on this link to the ECI before clicking "Take the Pledge". 
(The reason being, the ECI is an external webpage)
However, once you have signed the ECI, please return to this Pledge page, take the Pledge, and share it widely amongst your friends!
You can invite 50 friends at a time and keep coming back until you have invited them all! We're sure you can appreciate how important this is in significantly increasing the signatories of the ECI. All ECI's need I million signatures before being considered by the European Parliament. 
What is Ecocide?
Ecocide is the extensive damage to, destruction of or loss of ecosystem(s) of a given territory, whether by human agency or by other causes, to such an extent that peaceful enjoyment by the inhabitants of that territory has been or will be severely diminished.
In other words, Ecocide is the practice of damaging a natural environment (ecosystem) at an international, national or local level.
What's our aim?
We want Ecocide to become a crime for which companies and individuals can be held responsible according to criminal law. With this ECI, we propose that Ecocide becomes a crime in the following situations:
  • when Ecocide happens on EU (European Union) territory, including maritime territories
  • when EU companies are involved or
  • when EU citizens are involved
In addition, EU products which are based on Ecocide, as well as investment in activities resulting in Ecocide, will be prohibited.

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  1. I'm happy to learn that there is now an official term for the destruction we have wrought upon our planet and its animals and their habitats; Ecocide.

    And this doesn't even include the damage we're doing to our own species as a result, but it's be coming more and more obvious that we're slitting our own throats by our human overpopulation and inappropriate and destructive construction; Dams, locks, seawalls, gillnets that destroy marine mammals and turtles as bycatch, vehicles that kill nocturnal animals on their way back to feed their young (who subsequently starve to death), et bloody cetera..


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