26 April 2013


I've become a Mobile Notary Public for the express purpose of diversifying (read increasing) my income while still having enough time to work on rebuilding my air cleaner and a/c filter company and to continue my paying hobby of reweaving cane, rush, wicker and Danish cord chairs.

A Mobile Notary Public is considered on duty for evenings, holidays and weekends, often required for notarizing legal documents in which an independent Notary Public needs to be called in outside of normal office hours.  Obviously, the legal documents which most require notarization of signatures would be related to real estate and legal professions.

The State of Florida limits how much a Notary Public can charge for each notarized signature,  which is defined as many signatures on as many pages as required.  I.e., two signatures notarized on two separate pages would count for four notarial acts.   Additional charges, however, may be added for  time, travel, materials, whatever is necessary to perform one's notarial function at a particular event.

These additional charges must be made known, in writing and, of course, agreed upon,  in advance of the notarial function.
I intend to primarily work in the Ft. Lauderdale/Broward County area, but will also cover Dade and Palm Beach Counties if needed.  Being an independent Notary Public, I must be my own best advocate and personally visit or otherwise contact local attorney's and real estate's offices to offer my services for when the necessity arises.

Being new to the business, I also hope to be more than competitive with my - well - competitors, build up a good working relationship with the various professionals and demonstrate to them that I will not only be available, but accurate and professional.

State of Florida Commission No. EE877282