20 September 2011

Karl Kenda, Deceased Artist

I just began a separate Blog on my old friend, Karl Kenda, a Miami artist whose best works were from the sixties and early seventies.  I call his art psychedelic or cosmic or surrealistic, but he thought of it as being spiritual.  It's all of those and more.  I'll be Posting a number of photographs of his paintings in the weeks ahead, a few here and more on his own Blog.  (See the link in My Blog List to the right.)

I began his Blog with the biography that I researched and wrote, with a great deal of input from his widow, including military and other legal documents she gave to me.  Some of his family info came directly from the U.S. Census.  I hope to reach some of his old friends.  Perhaps they can help to fill out his biography.  There are only four known snapshots of Karl.  I hope more might be located.

I added a few photos, already.  The first two are in a private collection.  The bottom one is my own, which I entitled "Distorted Reflection of Souls."  Karl gave it to me in 1970.   I will Post more photos in Karl's Blog.


  1. Hello Ben my name is Leo and I have 2 Kenda paintings here and I don't know anything about him.....can you help??

  2. Leo, I received email notifications of three comments from you, as well as an indication that you might have sent a photo of one of your Kendas, but I could only find the one comment, above, from you. I'll have to try to respond via my email, but I did not see an attached photo. As far as telling you about Karl, I've set up his own blog, here, with a fairly complete biography that I wrote with his widow's help, as well as legal documentation that she supplied or I found on my own. His blog also shows many photos of his artwork.


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