23 September 2011

Simon's Cat in "The Box"

For those of you who are acquainted with cats and their ways, this animation and others involving Simon's Cat will be both familiar and entertaining.

Turbo Encabulator II

This is a more detailed explanation of the design and development of the Turbo Encablator by the same Rockwell Automotive Engineer.

The Turbo Encabulator

A Rockwell Automotive Engineer's discourse on the newly developed Turbo Encabulator.  It's very educational and entertaining, although a tad technical.   (No one seems to know if it is Turbo Encabulator or Turbo Entabulator.)

20 September 2011

Karl Kenda, Deceased Artist

I just began a separate Blog on my old friend, Karl Kenda, a Miami artist whose best works were from the sixties and early seventies.  I call his art psychedelic or cosmic or surrealistic, but he thought of it as being spiritual.  It's all of those and more.  I'll be Posting a number of photographs of his paintings in the weeks ahead, a few here and more on his own Blog.  (See the link in My Blog List to the right.)

I began his Blog with the biography that I researched and wrote, with a great deal of input from his widow, including military and other legal documents she gave to me.  Some of his family info came directly from the U.S. Census.  I hope to reach some of his old friends.  Perhaps they can help to fill out his biography.  There are only four known snapshots of Karl.  I hope more might be located.

I added a few photos, already.  The first two are in a private collection.  The bottom one is my own, which I entitled "Distorted Reflection of Souls."  Karl gave it to me in 1970.   I will Post more photos in Karl's Blog.

06 September 2011

An Anti-Gadget Rant

I will soon be writing a contribution to my friend and classmate's blog, "We Are In Control," and I will not be duplicating that, here, but will refer you to his blog at should you wish to read it.

Since he's expecting something spectacular from me, I believe I'll generate the post on Word and transfer it over when I'm satisfied with the final result.