27 April 2011

Men Should Begin Wearing Hats Again

Men ought to begin wearing hats again, with the exception of baseball caps for the most part.  The latter are for baseball players and some other sportsmen, but not for everyday use.  I suppose some men wear them to hide their bald spots or protect their hair plugs, though.

One of the sillier hats some celebrities and wannabes wear is known as a pork pie hat, a fedora with a very narrow brim.

I don't intend to become a hat collector, but I do have three so far, only two of which will I ever wear in public.  I bought a nice Indiana Jones fedora several years ago and just finished making myself a leather Gambler's Hat, also known as a Maverick Hat, presumably named after the old TV western starring James Garner.

I've gotten many compliments on my hats, especially the Gambler's hat and especially from women.  They are always surprised to hear that I made the latter and often ask questions about making it.

I do enjoy women in some hats, even baseball caps on rare occasions.

I guess I'm just old fashioned.

I've got the plans for a top hat, but I will not be making it out of leather.  Too expensive.  I intend to make it out of the felt I had left over from my Gandalf (the wizard from Lord of the Rings) hat. Neither of these are intended for public wear, but are fun to make and show off on rare occasions.

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  1. Well, I made my top hat, but it came out just a tad too small, so I can't actually wear it and don't intend to make another. If it had been made out of leather, I would have been able to stretch it to fit, but felt doesn't work that way.


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