27 April 2011

The Guild

The Guild videos are written by and acted in by Felicia Day, an actual actress who is also an actual online game player.  This particular one is an extra, but the Guild has four seasons under its belt so far and I’ve watched them all.  They are fun and weird and funny.  You might like to go through them, too.

I had never heard of The Guild or Felicia Day until I stumbled across the first Guild video; don't ask me how.

They are all on YouTube, except that Season 4 is on Bing or MSN videos.  Each segment is about six to eight minutes long and there are perhaps twelve or thirteen episodes per season.  You can go through one after the other.  They are presently filming Season 5.

It’s about online game players who meet in real life to varying degrees of disaster.

Their first season was bankrolled solely by their fans contributing via PayPal, but successive videos were sponsored by seriously huge corporations; I forget which.

Felicia Day is a cutie.  Her online avatar name is Codex.  She’s the one singing about wanting to date her avatar in this video, below.   Another of their extra videos is entitled "Game On" and it's along the lines of a Bollywood production.

Here's the address for "Game On":

Seeing an ad on The Guild site (Watch the Guild) and thinking I was getting in on the ground floor for The Guild comics, I checked with my local comic book store and found that I am four years late for that.  I can't even find the original comics online, so I'll have to content myself with buying the Graphic Novels, collections of previous comics.  I am obviously not the only person to keep his comics after reading them.   I just bought the prequel, showing all of the game players' lives before they got together online.  I don't believe the prequel was made up of previous comics, but is all new material.  Everything else is based on after they meet offline.

As of October 2011, Felicia Day and crew have just completed and posted a third episode of a new online movie, Dragon Age:  Redemption.  I should have waited until the entire series was posted before watching, but I couldn't wait to see what they'd done.  Felicia is a ruthless, sexy, warrior elf in this, but I do not believe she is an evil elf.  If I'm understanding correctly, they are completing and posting one episode per week and there will be six episodes in all, so I 'll wait until the rest are posted and then watch all of them in order.  There are some poor reviews and some positive.  I found it entertaining, so my review would be positive.

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