05 March 2011

High School's Pre-Demolition Party

One of the North Miami Councilmen came up with the idea of having a huge get-together for all of those graduates of North Miami High school before it is demolished in April of 2011.  I had already been in touch with some of my high school classmates, both before and because of our 40th Reunion, and some of us managed to get together for this get-together, viewing the old school before it is torn down.

It was estimated by the media that there were 4,000 people there.  At the end of the evening, 8 p.m., we had a final Pep Rally in the auditorium, SRO.  There were graduates from as far back as 1955 and the newest were from the Class of 2009.

Much of the new school has already been built, but the old had not yet been demolished.   The new is not very impressive, no soul to it at all.

It was nice to see the old place, although the rooms were mostly empty of fixtures, desks, etc.
The Gymnasium wasn't accessible and I was unable to remember what classes were in what wings.  The only thing that was easily recognizable was the Senior Patio.

Sorry it's so dark.  At least one can get a feel for being there and you can see the fountain.  We spent a lot of time there as Seniors, when we weren't off campus.  We were among the first to experience the open campus policy, so we actually didn't spend much time there when we weren't in class.  We were either at the burger joint or the beach or whatever.

More Photos Below:

East side of Auditorium:

 One North-South Hallway:
 Pep Rally from Balcony of Auditorium:
 Auditorium Balcony at Pep Rally:
 Main Hallway Facing East:
 Make-Out Area behind Balcony:
 NE Corner of School:
 New Frog Pond on Pioneer Blvd.:
 Front of School:
 Scoreboard in Gym:
 East Side of Auditorium:
 West Side Demo - Vocational Area:

Next Reunion of FIT's BSEEs

I've begun pre-planning our next reunion, which I hope to be Homecoming Week of 2013.  I've garnered little response to my emails to my classmates, but the few that did respond have expressed enthusiasm.

I've asked them if we should open up our reunion to those from "neighboring" graduation years, those of  '71, '72, '74 and '75, since I've had queries from a few fellows from those years, asking to join us.  I think it's a fine idea, although it will mean a much larger get-together/party.  I cannot spend the next few years tracking down graduates from those years and want one or two guys from each of those years to track down their own classmates.  They might need that long to find everyone.

If we do go to a larger reunion, I want it understood that it is our reunion, that of the BSEEs of the Class of '73.  If the other "years" don't mind having an odd-numbered reunion year for themselves, they can consider it their reunion, as well.  Otherwise, we'll consider them guests to our reunion.  Okay, maybe it's selfish, but I want it to be our reunion.  It's my idea; it's my work in tracking down my classmates; it's my work in organizing the thing, this time, last time and future times.

Being possibly five times as many people at this next, combined reunion, I expected to have to find someplace much larger than Dr. Hadj's house to have the Friday night party, but he insists on having it there again.  He and his wife, Fran, very much enjoy throwing parties and they, in fact, hosted our  Senior Party in '73 and our first reunion in 2008, our 35th year reunion and FIT's 50th Anniversary.

Regardless of the size of the party, if we do, indeed, have it at John's house, it'll be much easier to organize.  All I'll have to do is attempt to get RSVPs in so that he knows about how many people to expect.  If this is like two years ago, he'll be inviting present-day professors and administrators and students and even neighbors; all okay with me.

As was pointed out to me by Johny, chances are the same classmates, with a few exceptions, at our last party will be at the next one, as well. 

Having so few responses to my queries, asking my classmates their opinions about all of the above, I have been about ready to give up the idea.  Johny and Sylvia (my college girl friend) and Ed all suggested that I should go ahead with the plans and those classmates too busy to answer will eventually sign up for it, probably at the last minute.  This will present a problem for those who think their classmates from other years will be joining us because I need some of them to find their own.  We'll have this posted in Fla. Tech Today, so we'll pick up some that way, mostly those who live fairly close to Melbourne, I expect.  It'll make it difficult to estimate the numbers for John.  Maybe I can elicit a better response as the time nears.

More comments in future posts.