19 August 2014

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In recent months, I've been listing some of my Leather Goods for sale on I then added some vintage items ( prior to 1995 ) and then even more in the form of dozens of old LPs of various types. I have perhaps hundreds of these old LPs obtained from a neighbor. Many were his mother's and date back to the 1950s. I even added some wooden boomerangs that I'd made, some years ago. Etsy, for those who do not already know, is set up for people to sell handmade items and/or vintage items. Anyone with items you've made or with vintage items you'd like to sell, this is a good place to do it.

17 August 2014

The Last of my Kendas

I've finally gotten around to photographing the last of my Kenda  paintings.  It is the smallest of a set of three - all different sizes - depictions of horses on a carousel.  As are most, if not all, of Karl's smaller paintings, it is acrylic on canvas.

It is most definitely one of his earliest efforts.  I have written on the back "1963-4", which must have been told to me by his widow, Ann.  I hadn't even met Karl for another five or six years.

It's obvious to me that he was still working on what I consider to be his later, signature style, during his Cosmic or Psychedelic Period, as I have termed that stage of his development as an artist. 

14 August 2014

Animals Left Unattended in Cars

A few days ago, I saw a news video of a dog hunkering down below the dashboard in a vain attempt to escape the heat that was near to killing him.  I thought that it would be quite appropriate if all parking lots, especially those of the larger businesses, would post signs such as, "The local police have the authority and the will to break into any unattended vehicle in which an animal is obviously in distress."

There's undoubtedly a shorter way of saying the same thing on a sign, but that's the gist of it.  Such signs could not be posted unless it was, in fact, determined to be legal and the police were encouraged to watch out for such violations of the law, not to mention compassion for a helpless animal.

I have since heard from a friend that a similar sign was posted in some big box store's parking lot and it included, obviously, children also left in a stiflingly hot car.

I am considering starting a petition to my county commission to allow the police this latitude and to encourage businesses to post such signs.  It might also be helpful to make such violations a felony, whether child or animal left in such dangerous conditions.  I simply have to compose the right language and I also have to consider whether to make my petition for local or state legislators.

Perhaps state legislators would be best.  Each municipality would have to come up with their own protocols for the police to follow.  Also, if I design my petition for my state (Florida) legislators, viewers in other states could easily emulate the petition for their own law makers.

I believe I'll get in touch with  some of my political friends to see what they think and I'll let everyone know the outcome.

13 August 2014

Newly Created Leather Items

I've just added a number of watch bands and bracelets to my shop.  The latest are made of stingray skin:

This first one is a stingray spine inlaid into an antiqued silver-plated bar concho with stingray skin as the band:

This next one is similar, but with a cowhide band:

Finally, we have a watch band made of stingray skin.  I will only attach the second loop once a buyer tells me the distance between his watch's mounting pins:

Stingray skin surface is very hard and pebbly and difficult to cut, even with a rotary blade.   To use it as either a bracelet or a watch band, I must line it with some thin cowhide.  The stingray spine, as shown in the first two photos, is apparently the only portion of a stingray that is cartilage.   I'll add a photo of one of the skins, here, to illustrate that:

09 July 2014

Just for fun, I thought I'd share some of the leather items I've been making to sell on, along with one wooden item. 

        This first item is a Large Belt Pouch with a Swing Latch closure:
These next items are also Belt Pouches of a different design, both large and small:
These are lengths of two belts I'm offering, but I have not  yet dyed them to a customer's requirements:
This is but one design of a boomerang made of airplane model grade plywood.  Others have three and the traditional two wings.  All fly beautifully:
Dice Cup with an extra thickness of leather at the rim to prevent anyone from finessing the dice out to their own benefit:
Eyeglass case with riveted sides, snap closure and a rigid plastic insert:
Another belt, this time a Hair-On cowhide belt:
This is a Jack, a drinking vessel used in Britain hundreds of years ago to drink their ale.  Heating and sealing the leather with Brewer's Pitch or Beeswax causes the leather to turn quite dark, black in fact.  These also became rock hard after the heating and they were often used in bar fights.  Hence, the term "Blackjack."
Depending on the occasion a woman may wish to wear this, it can be either a Steampunk Mini-Corset or a Cosplay Corset:
The following two items are also Steampunk in style, a Plague Doctor's Mask and Aviator Goggles:

Leather Tankard, also used in Britain centuries ago.  I have not yet dyed this, but it is already sealed with Beeswax:
This last item is a Vest Extender, ordinarily used to keep one's motorcycle vest from flapping in the breeze:
I keep trying to dream up more and different types of leather creations to sell on  I'm working on a leather hat at the moment, termed variously as a Gambler's Hat, a Maverick Hat or just a Cowboy Hat.  I think the term "Maverick" came from the old James Garner show "Maverick."
I've almost finished with a small leather notepad cover and a woman's leather and bead Wraparound Bracelet and am about to try my hand at making some heavy leather Watch Bands. 
This is a prime example of taking a creative hobby and making a small business out of it.  I enjoy making these items and it's even more fun when one makes some money from them.
Should a viewer wish to check out my shop, search for "ArnoldsLeatherGoods."
For those not familiar with Etsy, it's similar to eBay, but prices are set and it's only for Handmade items and Vintage (meaning pre-1995) items.  I've sold some old items on Etsy already and have been posting 1950s and 1960s vinyl LP records on there by the dozens.  [I was given hundreds of old LPs by a neighbor, among them Latin (Mexican, Italian, South American, etc.), Big Band, Jazz, Pop, Pop Rock, and who knows what else.]

17 May 2014


One would be proud to own any of these tree houses, whether as a  primary residence or a vacation get-away:

 Issaquah, WA
 Unknown Location, Exterior
 Same Unknown Location, Interior
 Witch House in Ibiza, Spain
 Seattle, WA
 San Antonio, TX
 Another in San Antonio, TX
 Annapolis, MD
 Upstate NY, Exterior
 Upstate NY, Interior
Washington, D.C., area


The following is a small selection of photographs of very early Miami, Florida.  I have hundreds on a Facebook page, so I picked just a few to illustrate just how primitive Miami was up to 100 years ago.

Florida East Coast Train Arriving in Miami - 22 April 1896
Miami Railway Station - 1895 - Located where the old Miami News Tower, now referred to as the Freedom Tower, was later built.
Miami Furniture Store, Miami's first, owned by Edwin Nelson - 1897


Downtown Miami in 1903
Florida East Coast Railroad in Downtown Miami - 1905
Avenue C and the Fort Dallas Hotel

Avenue B looking North 1910-20 - The Halcyon Hotel, in the distance to the left, was demolished in 1938.
Businesses on Avenue D, later to be known as Miami Avenue
Royal Palm Hotel - 1900
Original Dade County Courthouse - 19___
New Courthouse - ca. 1904
Everglades Observation Tower, aka the Car Dale Tower - early 1900s
Florida Militia on Flagler Street - 1910
Sutzner's Gem Shop, one of the first, if not the first, jewelry stores in Miami - 1890s or early 1900s
Victory Loan Parade - 1919
Downtown Miami - 1925 - Enlarged, you may view a luggage store, the Rex Cigar Store, the Miami College of Dancing, the Townley Bldg., Fitch and Shipp, the Man's Shop, the Ralston Bldg., the Cortez Hotel
Florida Power and Light Ice Plant - 1926

Florida Power and Light Ice Plant and Horse-drawn Ice Wagon - 1927 - Note the telephone number.
McCrory Hotel - 1926

Miami Avenue looking north - 1925
Halcyon Hotel newly built in 1925 - demolished in 1938
Miami High School (not the first structure) - 1926 - before its move to its present location in 1928
View of Downtown Miami looking west from the Alcazar Hotel - 1926
Shriners Parade turning onto Flagler Street from Biscayne Blvd. - 1928

 Downtown Miami - 1933
 View down 1st Avenue - 1931

Miami Woman's Club - 1940
There are over 100 photo albums on my Facebook page, Old Miami/Dade County, with easily more than a thousand photos with the best descriptive captions I can locate.  You're welcome to view it.  I've even got a Maps album, one of which shows Flagler Street with part of it being paved with wood, not to mention the wooden sidewalks.
So many of Miami's iconic, beautiful and interesting buildings from its early days have been demolished to make way for boxy, uninteresting buildings.  Much of what I knew as a child is long gone.